Best Chiropractor Lynwood

Best Chiropractor Lynnwood

The worst part about getting injured is the pain. Not only do you not want to leave your home, but your body is constantly hurting, so you’re forced to take medication to get through the day. Oftentimes, when a person gets injured, they suffer from chronic pain throughout their life. The solution? Seeing the best chiropractor Lynnwood.

  1. Ease Aches and Pains– Pain relief is one of the most highly sought after advantages to chiropractic treatment. When a chiropractor aligns the spine, it can also help to align other areas of the body. This alleviates what might otherwise be stubborn, lasting pain. While pain relief doesn’t necessarily equate to full injury healing, it’s a step in the right direction.
  2. Improve Immune System Function– Being proactive about your health is always a good idea. Chiropractic Therapy Lynnwood can help your body to heal in many different ways, all of which can contribute to better immune system functioning. When your body is able to move freely and without pain, it will work more effectively at protecting you against illness and disease.
  3. Improve Athletic Performance– Many professional athletes rely on chiropractors to help them achieve peak performance levels. This isn’t just because chiropractic care relieves aches and pains, though that certainly helps. Chiropractic care Lynnwood can also improve flexibility and range of motion as well as help sports injuries heal faster so that they don’t interfere with practice or game time.
  4. Improve Range of Motion- A misalignment in the spine can affect your range of motion just as much as a pulled muscle or joint injury. The good news is that chiropractic care has been shown to improve range of motion even without other forms of treatment.
  5. Relieve Stress– Believe it or not, stress can have a hugely negative impact on our ability to heal from injury or disease. Stress causes tension in our muscles and restricted blood flow — both of which impede healing processes.  Chiropractic therapy increases blood flow, loosen muscles and ease tension — reducing stress so that we can heal more quickly.

If you’re battling chronic or ongoing pain, chiropractic care may be exactly what you need to start feeling better. And the best part about seeing the best chiropractor in Lynnwood? No matter how complex your injury or condition, the treatments are non-invasive and completely natural. If you live in the area  and are looking for chiropractor services, come see our team at Back to Action Chiropractic Clinic. We provide medical attention with an emphasis on back pain relief specifically designed around your needs – no matter what they may be! To learn more about us or get started today, contact Dr JErry Dreessen by phone (425) 670 2600 or visit